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Tired of Rough Skin: This Easy Peanut Butter Scrub is the Secret to Flawless Skin Overnight

by Pratyush Anand

This simple scrub is a powerhouse for smooth skin. Combine creamy peanut butter with finely ground sea salt for a gentle yet effective exfoliation that refreshes and revitalises your skin.

1. Classic Peanut Butter & Salt Delight

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2. Coffee Kickstart Scrub

Combine used coffee grounds with peanut butter, salt and a touch of honey for an invigorating scrub that buffs away dead skin cells and leaves a subtle coffee aroma.

Dull skin got you down? Brighten things up with a citrusy scrub. Mix peanut butter and salt with finely ground lemon zest and a drizzle of olive oil for a scrub that exfoliates and promotes a radiant glow.

3. The Citrus Zing Scrub

For sensitive skin, this oatmeal scrub is a dream. Blend rolled oats into a fine powder, then combine with peanut butter, salt and a dollop of plain yoghurt for a gentle exfoliation that soothes and nourishes.

4. Oatmeal Soothing Scrub

Combine peanut butter and salt with finely ground cayenne pepper and coconut oil for a stimulating scrub that improves circulation and invigorates your skin.

5. The Spicy Sensation Scrub 

Dry skin doesn't stand a chance against this scrub. Mix peanut butter and salt with a finely crushed honeycomb and a drizzle of almond oil for a luxurious scrub that exfoliates and deeply hydrates your skin.

6. Hydrating Honeycomb Scrub

Combine peanut butter and a pinch of salt with dried lavender flowers and a touch of jojoba oil for a calming and exfoliating experience that leaves your skin soft and smelling like a dream.

7. The Floral Fantasy Scrub

Give your skin an antioxidant boost with a green tea scrub. Steep green tea bags, then combine the cooled tea leaves with peanut butter avocado oil and salt for a scrub that exfoliates, protects, and leaves your skin glowing.

8. Green Tea Glow-Up Scrub

Combine peanut butter with finely crushed dark chocolate chips, coconut oil and a pinch of salt for a decadent scrub that buffs away dead skin while leaving a subtle chocolate aroma.

9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bliss Scrub

Customize Your Creation

The beauty of DIY scrubs is endless customization. Experiment with different salts, spices, oils, and extracts to create a scrub that perfectly suits your skin's needs and preferences.

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