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Decode Your Diet: Tips to Track and Tame Hidden Sugars

By Afreen Bashir

To discover the sugars hiding in everyday foods, recognize terms like sucrose and fructose mentioned in the ingredient list on packaged foods. 

1. Crack the Sugar Code

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that women limit their daily intake of added sugars to 6 teaspoons and men to 9 teaspoons. 

2  AHA's Recommendation

Cereals and yogurts might be sweetly sabotaging. You can replace with fresh fruits and Greek yogurt 

3. Break Down Sugars in Your Breakfast  

Sugar content in your favorite beverages, from smoothies to seemingly healthy bottled iced tea. Choose without the  sugar overload. 

4.  Beware of Sugary Drinks 

Choose natural, sugar-free alternatives to enjoy the nutty goodness without the added sweetness. 

5. Sugars in  Peanut Butter 

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Keep an eye out for sneaky sugars in salad dressings and build a nutritious bowl to be aware of hidden sugars in salads and dressings. 

6. Navigate the Unexpected Sugars in Your Greens 

Enjoy guilt-free snacking without the sugar overload. Explore better alternatives to snacks, satisfying your cravings while staying true to your health goals. 

7. Healthier Treats and Smart Snacking 

Revamp your kitchen with essential tips for a healthier pantry, sweetener options, that promote a sugar-free home. 

8.  Create a Sugar-Free Haven in your Kitchen  

Build a healthier relationship with food by learning to savor flavors and distinguish between true hunger and emotional triggers.  

9.Following Mindful Eating Habits 

Crack the code on hidden sugars in sauces and dressings and choose healthier options without giving up on flavor. 

10.  Restaurant Revelations  

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