Spicy Peanut Butter

Spicy Peanut Butter: Spice Up Your Meals with These Irresistible Recipes

By Roshni Ahuja

Perfect for parties and snacks, the fiery goodness of a spicy peanut butter dip is a flavour of explosion you won't want to miss.

1. Nutty Dips

Take your chicken wings to the next level with a spicy peanut butter glaze with a perfect balance of heat and flavour that will have you craving more.

2. Flavorful Wings

Transform your ordinary noodles into an extraordinary dish with spicy peanut butter sauce that is a fusion of Asian flavours, simply mouthwatering.

3. Creamy Noodles

Turn your wraps into a zesty twist with spicy peanut butter, packed with protein and flavour, it's a lunchtime favourite with a kick.

4. Nutty Wraps

Turn your stir-fry into a culinary masterpiece with a spicy peanut butter sauce that is a harmonious blend of textures and flavours.

5. Stir-Fry Innovations

Start your day with a fiery kick by adding spicy peanut butter to your morning smoothie with an unexpected and delicious way to spice up your breakfast.

6. Smoothie Sensations

From cookies to brownies, indulge your sweet tooth with spicy peanut butter treats that are an exquisite balance of sweetness and heat.

7. Sweet Delights

Marinate your favourite proteins with a spicy peanut butter blend for a symphony of flavours that will make your BBQs unforgettable.

8. Marinating Excellence

9. Aromatic Curries

Experience the rich and complex taste of spicy peanut butter curry which is a perfect hearty and comforting dish with a spicy twist.

Fuse the magic of peanut butter and spice into your dishes that are not just meals; but rather culinary adventures.

10. Culinary Fusion

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