Fit at 40+ Like Shilpa: Yoga, Diet & the Secrets to Her Glow

by Pratyush Anand

Shilpa swears by yoga as a cornerstone of her fitness routine. It strengthens her core, improves flexibility, and promotes mental well-being.

1. Yoga for Strength & Balance

Yoga isn't just about physical postures. Shilpa incorporates meditation for stress relief, focus, and inner peace, reflecting her outer radiance.

2. Meditation Matters

Shilpa ditches fad diets and embraces a balanced, wholesome approach. She eats fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains for sustained energy.

3. Eat Right, Live Right

Shilpa prioritizes a nutritious breakfast to kickstart her metabolism. She had smoothies packed with fruits, nuts, and seeds, or fibre-rich options like oats or whole-wheat toast. You can also have a nut butter smoothie for breakfast.

4. Breakfast is the Boss

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Shilpa allows herself occasional indulgences. The key? Moderation. A small portion of your favourite treat won't derail your progress, but mindful eating is key.

5. Cravings? Don't Demonize

Shilpa stays hydrated throughout the day, flushing toxins and keeping her skin glowing. Aim for 8 glasses of water daily to maximise the benefits to your body.

6. Water is Key

Shilpa avoids workout monotony by incorporating activities like dance fitness or rowing alongside yoga. This keeps things interesting and motivates her.

7. Mix Up Your Workouts

Prioritizing rest is crucial for Shilpa. Getting enough sleep allows her body to recover and prevents injuries. Listen to your body's cues and take rest days when needed.

8. Listen to Your Body

Shilpa's dedication to healthy habits is the real secret to her fitness. It's not about quick fixes, but about integrating healthy choices into your daily routine.

9. Consistency is Queen

Find Your Fit Fun

Shilpa emphasizes enjoying your fitness journey. Find activities you genuinely like, whether dancing, swimming, or hiking. Make it fun, not a forced chore.

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