Randeep Hooda's Fitness Evolution: From Bollywood to Bodybuilding

by Pratyush Anand

For Randeep Hooda, the gym isn't just a place to work out—it's a sanctuary where fitness is revered. With unwavering dedication, he prioritises solitary sessions, focusing solely on intense workouts for 30 minutes daily.

1. Fitness Check

Randeep Hooda prioritizes strength training and weightlifting over cardio exercises. While not a fan of aerobic activities, he incorporates them into his routine for overall fitness.

2. Strength over Cardio

Randeep Hooda prioritizes protein-rich foods for muscle and joint strength. Recognizing the benefits of supplements, he advises their usage under the guidance of health professionals. You can also add protein-rich nut butter to your diet.

3. Protein-Powered Diet

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Despite his ripped abs and calves, he finds workouts targeting these areas less enjoyable. Instead, he sculpts his chest and back, cherishing the opportunity to carve out a strong, defined upper body.

4. Sculpting Strength

Randeep prioritizes core strength over external aesthetics, valuing metrics like speed, stamina, and strength. 

5. Core Strength Over Appearance

He champions healthy eating, denouncing junk food and crash diets. He believes in setting clear fitness goals and adopting sustainable meal plans for long-term health and wellness.

6. Healthy Eating Advocate

For 'Do Lafzon Ki Kahani' (2016) Randeep Hooda portrayed a small-town boxer, a role he prepared for meticulously. Enthralled by boxing films since childhood, he fulfilled a lifelong dream by training under Chiranjeevi.

7. Randeep's Dedication to Craft

Beyond the silver screen, Randeep Hooda is a skilled horse rider and avid polo player. With ownership of two racehorses and his polo team, he immerses himself in equestrian sports.

8. A Passion for Horses

Rejecting fads like crash dieting, Randeep advocates for sustainable wellness. He emphasizes the importance of defining fitness objectives and adopting long-term, balanced eating habits for lasting health benefits.

9. Sustainable Wellness

Role-Driven Diet

Randeep alters his diet drastically for every movie, sometimes resorting to extreme measures like water diets and severely restricted calorie intake. His commitment to his craft extends to meticulous dietary adjustments for role preparation.

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