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From Barfi to Beast: Ranbir's Grueling Fitness Check

by Pratyush Anand

Kickstart your day like Bollywood royalty! The secrets of Ranbir Kapoor's breakfast routine, packed with protein, fibre, and essential nutrients to fuel his intense workouts and demanding film schedules. 

1. Fueling the Beast

Ditch the white rice and embrace the power of ancient grains. Ranbir Kapoor's lunch routine features a vibrant mix of protein, fibre, and gut-friendly elements.

2. Beyond Roti

The dilemma faced by the Bollywood star is a soothing cup of green tea or a burst of fresh juice for his evening snack. 

3. Green Tea Zen or Juice Jolt

Diving deeper into Ranbir Kapoor's fitness regime. The specific choices he makes, like nut butter protein shakes and multivitamins to remain fit.

4. Fueling Beyond Food

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Savour the flavours of Ranbir Kapoor's dinner choices. His preference is for protein-rich options like chicken, salmon, or grilled fish.

5. Dive into Delicious

Forget fancy machines, Ranbir Kapoor embraces functionality.  His workout regime is built around exercises like squats and deadlifts, mimicking real-life movements and engaging multiple muscle groups.

6. Beyond the Gym Walls

Every workout starts with a spark. Ranbir Kapoor's dynamic 5-10 minute cardio warm-up routine, is designed to ignite his body and prepare for intense training.

7. Ignite the Engine

8. Core Powerhouse 

The secrets behind Ranbir Kapoor's chiselled abs and sculpted physique is his dedication to core exercises like crunches and pull-ups, building a strong foundation and achieving that coveted V-shape.

The magic of Ranbir Kapoor's split routine is his strategic approach, divided workouts across different days to target specific muscle groups like biceps-triceps, chest-back, and shoulders-legs.

9. Body Sculpting Symphony

Forget crunches alone! Delve into Ranbir Kapoor's unique approach to sculpting his rock-hard abs. His secret weapon weighted abdominal exercises. 

The Iron Grip of Steel

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