Powering Health: Eating Right and Moving Smart for a Flourishing You 

By Afreen Bashir

Healthy Lifestyle

Embark on a journey to find the right equilibrium between nourishing your body and staying active. The key to lasting health starts here. 

1. Balancing Act 

Consuming carbohydrates before exercising can enhance performance, enabling you to engage in longer, higher-intensity sessions. 

2 . Ignite Your Fitness

Whole-grain cereals or bread, paired with the creamy goodness of low-fat milk.  A glass of juice, a banana, or yogurt, for a vibrant start to your day.

3. Breakfast Options

Revitalize your body post-exercise with a nourishing meal within two hours. Opt for a snack if your next exercise session is over two hours away.  

4. Exercise Recovery Boost 

Rejuvenate your body after exercise with a nourishing meal. Yogurt and fruit stand out as a delectable and nutritious option to aid your workout recovery.

5. Post-Workout Choice

Maintain adequate hydration before, during, and after exercise to prevent dehydration –based on factors like physical activity, climate, and individual hydration needs.

6. Hydration Hacks 

The wholesome indulgence of peanut butter in your meal can prove to be a perfect blend of protein and taste, adding nutritional value to your dishes. 

7. The Peanut Butter Boost 

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Understand the importance of tuning in to your body's signals. Learn to recognize hunger, cravings, satiety, and fatigue for a personalized approach to health. 

8. Listen to Your Body 

Watch the portion size to optimize your pre-exercise nutrition. Overindulging may lead to sluggishness, while insufficient intake might compromise energy.

9. Portion Control Essentials 

Ensuring proper sleep and how this balance contributes to avoiding sluggishness and to have the necessary energy to conquer your entire workout session.

10. Quality Sleep

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