Chooosing Wisely

Healthy Living: Master Portion Control for a Healthier You! 

By Afreen Bashir

What is a portion? Know the basics of portion control and learn how understanding serving sizes forms the cornerstone of a balanced diet. 

1. Decoding Portions 

Ensure a balanced intake of essential nutrients. Make informed choices by selecting nutrient-rich options such as low-fat or non-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese.  

2. Dairy and Alternatives 

Protein perfection starts with portions. The ideal serving size for a protein-packed diet is 90g a day to fuel your body efficiently 

3. Protein Portion Prowess 

The ideal portion of fruit intake for a human body varies, but general guidelines recommend consuming at least 2 cups of fruit per day for adults.

4. Fruit and Vegetable Vigilance 

Dietary guidelines often recommend limiting total fat intake, including oils, to around 20-35% of daily caloric intake. This can translate to roughly 2-4 tablespoons of oil per day. 

5. Oils and Spreads Spotlight  

General guideline suggests to consume about 8 cups (64 ounces) of fluids per day for adults. This includes water, as well as other beverages like tea, coffee, and milk.

6.  Drink Smart, Drink Right  

Snack smart with the right portion sizes. Uncover the secrets of satisfying snacks that keep you fueled without compromising your balanced diet. 

7. Smart Snacking 

Get Peanut butter perfection in every portion! Indulge sensibly in the goodness of peanut butter as we explore its role in a balanced diet.

8. Peanut Butter Pleasure 

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Addressing obesity starts with portion awareness. Mastering portion sizes contributes to a healthier weight and lifestyle. 

9. Confronting Obesity Through Portion Control 

Sum up your portion journey and embrace portion mastery as your guide to a balanced and healthier lifestyle. 

Your Path to Balanced Living 

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