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The Ultimate Guide to Nut-Free Snacking: 10 Spreads That Are Healthy & Delicious

by Pratyush Anand

Calling all sunflower seed fans. This creamy spread boasts a nutty flavour that rivals peanut butter but with a milder taste and a healthy dose of heart-healthy fats. Perfect for classic PB&Js or adding a nutty kick to yoghurt parfaits.

1. Sunflower Power

2. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds take centre stage in tahini, a Middle Eastern staple. This savoury spread boasts a nutty, slightly bitter flavour that pairs beautifully with vegetables, adds depth to hummus, or can be enjoyed solo on toast for a protein punch.

Craving a classic nut-free alternative? Almond butter offers a smooth texture and a rich, nutty flavour that rivals peanut butter.  Enjoy it on toast, pair it with fruit slices, or add a delicious twist to your favourite smoothie

3. Almond Love

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Made from roasted soybeans, soynut butter packs a protein punch and has a slightly sweet, nutty flavour. Enjoy it on crackers for a satisfying snack, or use it as a base for homemade energy bites for a pre-workout boost.

4. Soynut

Move over, peanut butter. Roasted chickpeas are blended into a creamy spread that's high in protein and fibre. The slightly savoury flavour goes surprisingly well with sliced vegetables, pita bread, or even a dollop in your favourite soup.

5. Chickpea Power

Don't relegate pumpkin spice to just fall. Roasted pumpkin seeds are blended into a smooth spread with a hint of natural sweetness. Perfect for toast or adding a seasonal twist to your favourite smoothie.

6. Pumpkin Power

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and fibre, flaxseed gets a delicious makeover in this spread. The slightly nutty flavour pairs well with fruit slices or adds a healthy twist to oatmeal for a satisfying breakfast.

7. Flaxseed Surprise

Watermelon seeds get a starring role in this unique spread. This vibrant pink spread boasts a mild, slightly sweet flavour that's perfect for adding a summery touch to toast or crackers.

8. Watermelon Wonder

Craving a taste of indulgence? Cookie butter satisfies your sweet tooth with a spread made from crushed cookies. Yes, you read that right!  Spread it on toast, or waffles, or dip it in apple slices for a sweet and satisfying snack

9. Cookie Butter

10. Coconuts

Creamy coconut butter offers a delicious and exotic alternative. While it has a distinct coconut flavour, it pairs surprisingly well with fruit slices or adds a tropical twist to smoothies.

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