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Fiery Crunch: Spicy Nut Butter Chickpea

By Marooshat Khajawaal

Position the rack in the upper third of the oven and preheat to 450°F. Start your recipe to crunchy perfection with this simple setup.

1. Preheat & Prepare

Blot chickpeas dry and toss in a bowl with a medley of flavorful spices. Lay the foundation for a burst of flavors that are absorbed in the chickpea

2. Dry & Toss 

Sniff the aroma as you add cumin, marjoram, and allspice to the chickpeas. Elevate the flavors of the snack and set the stage for greatness.

3. Spice Shakti

Generously coat the chickpeas with oil, ensuring each piece gets a touch of magic. Watch as the ingredients blend in to create goodness.

4. Drizzle & Coat 

Spread the coated chickpeas on a rimmed baking sheet. Witness the transformation as they bake to a golden, crunchy glory. 

5. Spread & Bake 

Engage in the cooking process by stirring and rotating the chickpeas, so that they are brown evenly. An essential step for the ultimate crunch!

6.  Stir & Rotate

After 25-30 minutes, check if they have turned golden brown and crunchy perfection. The enticing aroma will have you counting down the seconds.

7. Time for Crunch

Allow the chickpeas to cool on the baking sheet for 15 minutes. Patience is rewarded with a snack that's both crispy and fulfilling.

8. Cool & Savor

Elevate the flavor journey by adding a dollop of barbeque peanut butter. Watch the flavors mix and mingle to create an unforgettable snack. 

9. Spicy and Smoky Magic

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Congratulations! You've learned how to make Nut Butter-Spiced Roasted Chickpeas. Share this recipe with your Friends and enjoy.

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