Nut Butter Smoothies

Indulge in Nutty Bliss: Smoothie Bowl Extravaganza

By Roshni Ahuja

Escape to the tropics with a refreshing blend of natural nut butter, mango, and coconut. Your taste buds will thank you.

1. Tropical Nut Delight

Experience the perfect union of mixed berries and creamy nut butter. This vibrant smoothie bowl is a burst of antioxidants.

2. Berry Nut Fusion

A classic combo of banana and nut butter takes centre stage. This smoothie bowl is both creamy and satisfying.

3. Nutty Banana Bliss

Fuel your day with a nutrient-packed green smoothie bowl with spinach, nut butter, and goodness in every spoonful.

4. Green Nut Power Bowl

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with a chocolate-infused nut butter smoothie bowl. A guilt-free indulgence for chocolate lovers.

5. Choco-Nut Indulgence

Add a kick to your morning with a spiced nut butter smoothie bowl for a perfect blend of warmth and flavour.

6. Spiced Nut Euphoria

Wake up to a burst of citrusy goodness combined with the richness of natural nut butter. A zesty delight for your mornings.

7. Nutty Citrus Sunrise

Experience the smoothness of avocado paired with the creaminess of nut butter. A velvety delight for a hearty breakfast.

8. Creamy Nut Avocado Bowl

9. Nut Butter Coffee Infusion

Upgrade your morning routine with a coffee-infused nut butter smoothie bowl. The perfect blend of energy and flavour.

Power up your day with a protein-packed smoothie bowl featuring natural nut butter. A delicious way to kick-start your mornings.

10. Nut Butter Protein Punch

Pick 2 Nut Butters of Your Choice

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