Nourishing a New Beginning: Eating Right During Pregnancy

By Afreen Bashir

The pregnancy benefits of oranges are packed with vitamins A and C, aiding iron absorption, ensuring optimal oxygen delivery to your growing baby.

1. Oranges for Iron and Vital Nutrient

A rich source of Vitamin D and choline, can support brain development for your little one during pregnancy. They contain a little of almost every nutrient you need. 

2. Vitamin D and Brain Boost 

High in fiber, iron, folate, and calcium, they offer lean proteins crucial for a healthy pregnancy. You can incorporate them into a variety of dishes. 

3. Beans - Nutrient Powerhouse 

Savor the benefits of Greek yogurt! Packed with calcium, Vitamin D, and protein, it's a delicious addition to support your pregnancy journey. 

4. Yogurt Delight

Holy Guacamole! Enjoy the fiber-rich, potassium-packed goodness of avocados during pregnancy for a tasty and nutritious treat. 

5. Avocado Marvel

Fuel your pregnancy with whole grains! Brown rice offers fiber, B vitamins, and magnesium, providing energy and essential nutrients. 

6. Brown Rice Richness 

Embrace spinach for potassium, vitamin K, calcium, iron, and folate that supports healthy digestion and helps alleviate common pregnancy-related constipation 

7. Spinach Nutrients    

Support your baby's neural development with Omega-3s, protein, and vitamin D from this pregnancy-friendly fatty fish. 

8. Salmon Superfood

Nut butters are rich in vitamin B. It safely reduces the risk of birth defects and support nervous system development during pregnancy. 

9. Nutty Nourishment 

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Navigate a nutrient-rich pregnancy with the power of wholesome foods, ensuring both you and your baby thrive. Cheers to a healthy beginning! 

A Nutrient-Rich Journey 

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