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Unleash Your Inner Beast: 5-Week Peanut Butter Muscle Plan

by Pratyush Anand

Kickstart your day with this protein-packed peanut butter breakfast smoothie. Creamy, delicious, and bursting with muscle-building nutrients, it's the perfect way to conquer your morning workout.

1. Morning Muscle Maker

2. Power Up Your Lunch

Ditch the boring salad. This week's lunch features a flavour-explosion peanut butter chicken stir-fry with whole grains for sustained energy and lean protein to keep you building muscle all afternoon.

Cravings got you down? Not on this plan. Our mid-afternoon peanut butter protein bites are the perfect way to curb hunger pangs and keep your muscles fueled for peak performance.

3. Snack Attack Success

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Refuel and rebuild after an intense workout with this protein-rich peanut butter salmon dish. Packed with healthy fats and essential nutrients, it's the ultimate post-workout meal for serious muscle gain.

4. Dinner Doubles Down

This week, we switch things up with a delicious peanut butter banana overnight oats breakfast. Then, for lunch, tantalize your taste buds with a Thai peanut curry packed with veggies and lean protein.

5. Sweet & Savory Gains

Curb cravings with our satisfying peanut butter apple slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Dinner features a flavour-packed peanut butter steak stir-fry with colourful vegetables for a complete and muscle-building meal.

6. Snack & Dinner Duos

Start your strong with a protein-packed peanut butter protein pancake stack. This delicious and satisfying breakfast will keep you energized and ready to tackle any workout.

7. Breakfast Blitz

This week's lunch is a flavour fiesta. Enjoy a Tex-Mex-inspired peanut butter black bean burger on a whole-wheat bun. It's loaded with protein, fibre, and healthy fats for sustained energy and muscle growth.

8. Lunchtime Legend

Refuel your body with a trail mix featuring peanuts, dark chocolate, and whole-grain clusters. Dinner highlights a protein powerhouse - peanut butter tofu scramble with a side of roasted vegetables.

9. Snack Smart, Dinner Strong

Level Up Your Gains

Don't hit a plateau! These final weeks offer a customizable meal plan with recipe inspiration and portion guidance. Tailor delicious peanut butter meals to your preferences and keep building serious muscle.

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