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Merrier Christmas: Healthy Reindeer Toast for Kids.

By Marooshat Khajawaal

The fun is about to begin! Gather bread, peanut butter, bananas, chocolate chips, pretzels, and raspberries.  

1. Assemble your Ingredient

Start by toasting your bread until golden brown. Let the kitchen fill with the warm aroma of the bread. Crispy edges are a treat to the eyes.

2.  Toast the Bread

Coat your toast with creamy peanut butter. Its luscious texture brings our reindeer to life and adds a nutty flavor to every bite.

3. Spread the Peanut Butter 

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Slice bananas and place them on the toast so that they look like reindeer ears. This step adds a touch of sweetness and cuteness to your toast.

4. Banana Slices for Ear

Place chocolate chips so that they look like the eyes of your reindeer. Watch as it captures everyone’s gaze and hearts. Let the adventure begin!

5. Chocolate Chip Eyes

Insert pretzel pieces on top to create majestic antlers. This step adds a crunch and gives your reindeer a festive twist. 

6.  Pretzel Antlers 

Give your reindeer a vibrant raspberry nose. The burst of red adds a burst of flavor, completing the look and taste of your Christmas treat!

7. Raspberry Red Nose

Take a moment to admire your masterpiece. You can personalize this treat according to your favorites. A sprinkle of edible glitter will spread the festive light.  

8. Final Touches

Share this recipe with your friends and family. Post cute pictures on your social media handles and inspire others to be reactive this Christmas.

9. Spread the Joy

May your kitchen be filled with the aroma and take your taste buds on a sweet ride! Savor the Christmas treats and wait for the Santa.  Happy Holidays! 

A Toast to the Christmas Festivities

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