Sweat Like Kriti Sanon: Bollywood Star's Fitness Routine Revealed

by Pratyush Anand

Kriti kicks off her day with 45 minutes of cardio, boosting her heart health and burning calories. Running, cycling, and swimming are her go-to choices.

1. Cardio Queen 

Don't be intimidated! Kriti uses weights and bodyweight exercises to target different muscle groups each day, sculpting a toned and strong physique.

2. Building Strength 

Kriti incorporates elevated Russian twists into her routine for a reason! This dynamic exercise targets her core, especially the obliques, and strengthens her shoulders for a sculpted physique. 

3. Twist & Sculpt

Kriti prioritizes yoga for flexibility, mental clarity, and stress relief. From dynamic flows to calming stretches, she incorporates yoga into her routine for inner and outer well-being. 

4. The Power of Yoga

Kriti emphasizes the importance of mental fitness alongside physical training. Meditation and mindfulness practices help her manage stress and stay focused.

5. Mental Fitness Matters

Kickstart your day like Kriti! Her breakfast is packed with protein like nut butter, fibre, and vitamins: eggs for muscle building, oats for sustained energy, and fruits for antioxidants.

6. Kriti's Fueling Breakfast

Kriti prioritizes balanced lunches for sustained energy. Think lean protein like grilled chicken or fish, paired with fibre-rich brown rice and colourful veggies.

7. Kriti's Wholesome Lunch 

8. Kriti's Smart Dinners 

End your day right with Kriti's light and healthy dinners. Soups, salads, or grilled vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals without weighing you down.

Pushing yourself is important, but rest and recovery are equally essential. Kriti prioritizes sufficient sleep, and active recovery like stretching, and listens to her body's signals to avoid overtraining.

9. Listen to Your Body 

Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Focus on celebrating your progress, no matter how small. Don't compare yourself to others, and enjoy the process of becoming a healthier and happier you.

It's All About Progress 

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