Ageless Hunk: Jackie Shroff's Fitness Secrets at 67

by Pratyush Anand

Forget meditation! Jackie Shroff finds his zen through intense treadmill sprints. Believe it or not, he claims it helps him "relax and refresh."  He also includes activities like brisk walking, swimming, and cycling.

1. Cardio Craze: Keeping the Heart Happy 

Weight training forms the core of Jackie's fitness routine. He focuses on compound exercises, targeting major muscle groups for strength and definition. 

2. Pumping Iron: The Shroff Workout

Yoga is Jackie's secret weapon for flexibility, balance, and inner peace. He practices regularly, integrating mindfulness and breathwork, contributing to his ageless vitality.

3. Yoga for Balance

Jackie Shroff fuels his mornings with boiled eggs, fresh fruits, and a bowl of hearty oatmeal. Packed with protein, fibre, and vitamins, this breakfast is your recipe for sustained energy and focus.

4. The Shroff Breakfast Ritual

Jackie’s midday meal typically features grilled vegetables, protein-rich legumes, and refreshing green salads. Light, nutritious, and delicious - the perfect way to power through your afternoon.

5. Lunch Like a Hero

When it comes to dinner, Jackie Shroff prioritizes balanced nutrition. He opts for wholesome dal, roti, and sabzi instead of rice. This combination provides fibre, protein, and essential nutrients, leaving one satisfied without the heaviness.

6. Ditching the Rice, Shroff-Style

7. Jaggu Dada's Smart Snack

Even Bollywood stars need their evening snacks! Jackie Shroff is known for his healthy choices. He often incorporates nut butter, a delicious and nutritious source of protein and healthy fats, into his evening snacking.

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Jackie's fitness journey extends beyond the physical. He prioritizes mental well-being through meditation and positive affirmations to nurture his body, soul and mind.

8. A Holistic Approach

Jackie emphasises the importance of rest and recovery. He incorporates adequate sleep, stretching, and self-care practices. Proper rest fuels your fitness journey and prevents burnout.

9. Rest and Recovery

From Bollywood superstar to fitness icon, Jackie Shroff's dedication to his well-being is a masterclass in healthy living. By incorporating his dietary, exercise, and yoga practices, you too can achieve timeless health and vitality.

Fitness Icon, Ageless Inspiration 

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