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How to Get in Shape for Your Dream Bollywood Wedding

By Marooshat Khajawaal

Set realistic and achievable goals, I took the challenge to be fit 60 days before my Big Day. The journey set out with full enthusiasm and determination.

1.  Fitness Requires Commitment 

Opt for 30-minute workouts or quick 15-minute high-intensity sessions. Build a habit of activities like walking, jogging, and skipping. 

2. Easy Workouts, Evident Results

My favorite thing in the fitness routine is hydration, this step is simple yet effective. Water gives me the feeling of freshness, it also helps me fight my unhealthy cravings. 

3. Hydration Ritual 

This is your day, don't kill your happiness by avoiding sweets. I enjoyed Kheer, Sandesh, Mishti Doi, and Shrikhand without any guilt.

4. Sweet Substitutes

Your hands may get drawn to get a sip of sugary drinks but you have to stop there. Opt for hydrating alternatives that quench your thirst and do not disrupt your fitness journey.

5.  Cut Down on Beverage Calories

Don’t be hard on yourself, the pre-marriage preps can give you a hard time. Slow down, gather your thoughts, and chew your food properly to gain the most of the nutrients present in your food. 

6. Think Before You Eat

I have always preferred to take in fibers, they are fulfilling and healthy. Adding proteins to your diet can turn the tables in your favor. Fuel your body with the right nutrients. 

7.  Proteins & Fibers

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Aim for 8 hours to keep your mind intact for another day of wedding-prep fatigue. I lit a candle and ensured my room had no devices and disturbances one hour before my sleep time. Quality sleep is a must. 

8.  Sleep for Revival

This is your day, have a blast of laughter and enjoy every moment. Take time to reflect upon the great moments that brought you to this day. Be grateful and Satisfied with whatever you have.  

9. Have Fun, Stay Fit

Incorporate these tips into your routine for a better you. Commit, hydrate, eat wisely, and remember to have fun with it! Your journey to fitness starts now. 

10.  Memories that last forever

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