Pregnancy Food Shocker: 10 Foods You Never Knew Could Harm Your Baby

by Pratyush Anand

Dreaming of delicious sushi or creamy ceviche? Unfortunately, raw fish can harbour parasites and bacteria harmful to your developing baby. Cooked fish is A-OK, so enjoy salmon or baked cod instead.

1. Raw Fish Frenzy

That sizzling steak might be tempting, but undercooked meat can be crawling with bacteria like E. coli. Stick to fully cooked meats to ensure your little one stays safe from foodborne illness.

2. Undercooked Meat

Lunchtime favourite deli meats can be contaminated with listeria, a bacteria especially dangerous for pregnant women. It can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, or serious illness in newborns. Opt for freshly cooked chicken or turkey instead.

3. Deli Meat Danger

Craving a peanut butter sandwich? Worry not! Nut butters are generally safe for pregnancy unless you have a nut allergy. Choose natural nut butter for a protein and healthy fat boost.

4. Nutty Dilemma

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Skip the fancy "raw milk" cheese. Unpasteurized dairy products can harbour harmful bacteria like listeria. Stick to pasteurized cheese, yoghurt, and milk to keep your pregnancy journey smooth sailing.

5. Dairy Drama

Those seemingly healthy bean sprouts can be breeding grounds for bacteria like E. coli. Avoid raw sprouts altogether and opt for steamed or cooked vegetables instead.

6. Sprouts

While not entirely off-limits, excessive caffeine can impact your baby's development. Limit your coffee, tea, and soda intake and consult your doctor for a safe daily limit.

7. Caffeine Cravings

8. Alcohol

There's no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy. Alcohol can cause birth defects and developmental problems. Skip the celebratory glass of wine and choose sparkling water or mocktails instead.

Pesticides and bacteria can linger on unwashed fruits and vegetables. Give your produce a thorough rinse with clean water before enjoying it to avoid any unwanted stomach bugs.

9. Unwashed Woes

Processed foods, sugary drinks, and baked goods are loaded with hidden sugars. Excessive sugar intake can lead to weight gain and gestational diabetes.

10. Sneaky Sugars

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