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Forget the Saree Look at Those Abs: Disha Patani's Grueling Kalki 2898 Fitness Routine

by Pratyush Anand

Disha isn't afraid to break a sweat. Running, cycling, and swimming are her go-to activities to keep her heart pumping and calories burning.

1. Cardio Queen

2. Strength is Sexy

Forget skinny. Disha builds lean muscle with weight training, giving her a toned and sculpted figure. Think sculpted arms and killer abs that won't quit.

Yoga and stretching are key components of Disha's routine. Not only does it improve mobility, but it also helps with injury prevention and promotes relaxation.

3. Don't Forget Flexibility

Chicken, fish, eggs – Disha prioritizes lean protein sources to keep her muscles fueled and feeling satisfied throughout the day. Add nut butter to your diet if you want body like her.

4. Power of Protein

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Ditch the white bread. Disha gets her energy from complex carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes. These provide sustained energy without the blood sugar crash.

5. Carbs Done Right

Disha packs her plate with vibrant fruits and vegetables. They're loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre to keep her body functioning optimally.

6. Veggie Powerhouse

Water is Disha's best friend. She stays hydrated throughout the day to flush toxins, improve digestion, and keep her skin glowing.

7. Hydration Hero

Disha isn't a fan of strict deprivation. She allows herself occasional cheat meals to satisfy cravings and keep her metabolism firing strong.

8. Cheat Day Magic

Disha's dedication to her routine is what truly sets her apart. Working out most days and sticking to her diet plan allows her to maintain her incredible physique.

9. Consistency is Key

Find Your Fit

Disha's plan might not be your exact fit. But it offers valuable inspiration. Experiment, find activities you enjoy, and prioritize a balanced diet for a healthy and happy you.

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