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From Lean to Mean Machine: Ali Fazal's Shocking Body Transformation for Mirzapur

by Pratyush Anand

Ali Fazal isn't just a ruthless gangster on screen. He wakes up at 4 AM to crush intense cycling sessions before the city wakes up.

1. Early Bird Gets the Gains

2. High-Octane Workouts

Forget the gym selfies - Ali Fazal's workouts are all about pushing limits. Think of high-intensity exercises, battle ropes, and serious weight lifting. This ain't your average gym routine.

Ali Fazal follows a strict diet, but it's not your typical celebrity fad. He prioritizes healthy fats like coconut oil and avoids sugar religiously. You can add nut butter to your keto diet for a healthy lifestyle.

3. Keto King? Not Quite

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Skip the sugary cereals. Ali Fazal fuels his mornings with a simple yet powerful combo: oats and black coffee. It's all about sustained energy, not a quick sugar rush.

4. The Breakfast of a Bhaiya

Ali Fazal doesn't shy away from protein. Lunchtime often features dairy products and lean meats like chicken to keep him feeling strong and energized throughout the day.

5. Lunchtime Like a Lion

Dinner is a crucial part of Ali Fazal's routine but with a twist. He prioritizes eating early, ideally before 7 PM. This allows his body ample time to digest before sleep.

6. Dinner Dilemma

Craving a post-dinner dessert? Not a chance for Ali Fazal. He avoids sugary fruits and snacks to maintain his ripped physique. Discipline is key.

7. Sweet Tooth

Even Guddu Bhaiya needs a break. Ali Fazal allows himself in occasional indulgences but in moderation. It's all about balance, not deprivation.

8. Cheat Day

Ali Fazal doesn't go it alone. He works closely with a renowned fitness trainer, Rohit Nair, who pushes him to achieve peak physical performance. A good trainer makes all the difference. 

9. The Trainer's Touch

The Guddu Bhaiya Takeaway

Ali Fazal's fitness journey offers valuable insights. It's not just about the gym; it's about a holistic approach with a focus on early mornings, high-intensity workouts, a strategic diet, and a dedicated trainer.

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