10 Tricolour Recipes for Republic Day 2024

by Pratyush Anand

Start your Republic Day strong with this protein-packed paratha! Sautéed spinach & crumbled paneer filling can add a delicious twist to your morning meal. Serve it hot with green chutney and curd.

1. Spinach & Paneer Paratha

Prepare your standard Idli batter, add spinach puree for a green hue and carrot puree for a saffron tint. Steam them separately and serve with coconut, mint, and tomato chutneys to evoke a patriotic feel.

2. Tiranga Idli with tri-colour Chutney

Give your classic vegetable biryani a healthy makeover! Soak basmati rice for half an hour, pressure cook it with whole garam masala and vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and peas. Add saffron water for the orange tint.

3. Tricolor Vegetable Pulao

Ditch the mayo and embrace the richness of yoghurt! Add vibrant tricolour pasta salad with chunks of paneer, roasted broccoli, and cherry tomatoes, tossed in a creamy yoghurt dressing spiced with coriander and cumin. 

4. Pasta Salad with a Desi Flair

Prepare regular dhokla batter and mix one portion with saffron water and one portion with spinach paste for a green tint. Layer the batter in the ti-ranga pattern and steam it. Add tadka and serve it with tamarind chutney.

5. Tricolour Dhokla Delight

Layer a toasted whole-wheat bread sandwich with protein-rich creamy peanut butter, thinly sliced green apple, and a sweet banana slice and sprinkle it with cinnamon powder.

6. Peanut butter sandwich

7. Flavourful Paneer Tikka

Marinate paneer in spinach and coriander chutney for a refreshing herbiness and paprika and chilli for a punch of heat. Arrange them in a skewer with vegetables and grill or pan-fry for juicy, flavourful bites. 

Serve steamed rice topped with a rich curry of chole simmered in a tomato-onion gravy, accompanied by a refreshing green salad bursting with cucumber, carrot, and leafy greens.  

8. Chole Chawal with a Salad Twist 

Celebrate with a sweet twist on tradition! Mix rice flour with green chutney and saffron water separately. Stuff it with different dry fruits and jaggery mix and steam it. Top it with honey or ghee for a perfect festive bite.

9. Tricolour Modaks

Ditch the heavy desserts and indulge in this light and healthy tricolour pudding, Blend spinach and chia seeds for a vitamin-packed green layer, layer it with almond milk mix and lastly add orange mix.

10. Pudding 

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